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Lindsay's Training Page


Hello! Thank you for your visiting my training page! 

Training and working with animals has been my passion from a very young age. I took an interest in modifying canine behavior as young as 4 years old on my grandparents little beagle mix “Peter”! I would walk him around, make him sit at every stop and absolutely did not accept any pulling on the leash! Haha! My family realized at this moment that dogs would soon be my ultimate passion and continue on into my adult life and career, they were sure right! 

I love every aspect of helping dogs become the balanced, happy family members that are not only able to be enjoyed at home but with the rest of the world, 2 legged and 4!

I enjoy studying and revisiting the early times when man and dog first became friends, its incredible how far the relationship has come and how special the bond is between man and dog.

BUT!... as there usually is one, as much as we love our four legged friends aka fur babies, there has become a very large disconnect in communication between us and our canine best friends.  

Unfortunately this disconnect is what has led to so many of the behavioral issues we've all become so familiar with in our dogs such as anxiety, fearfulness and aggression just to name a few. The reason why your pup has developed these issues may surprise you and is actually much more simple than you think. Just for a minute imagine the pup that you know your dog is inside his little(or big) soul ...the fearless, happy go lucky, affectionate canine that eagerly awaits your arrival home, licking your entire face and sometimes in your mouth as you kneel down, instantly taking away the stress of your busy work day with one glance of those big, sparkling brown eyes(insert melted heart!)…..THIS is the feeling that makes all of our cares go away, including the cares of the occasional(and in some cases frequent) less desirable behaviors that our pups may be displaying. 

The seldom snap, growl or destroyed couch does not change the fact we love our pets unconditionally! There seems to be no question that we will buy them toy after toy just to watch them get the 30 seconds of enjoyment right before we quickly dive in and grab it away before they ingest the large pile of stuffing they've so gleefully torn to shreds. There also seems to be zero problem to pick up a warm pile of potty right after laid with only a thin bag between this and our hand or why we spare no expense in time or money driving through starbucks each morning to get them their very own pupichino! This is unconditional love! But do we ever stop to think that maybe our pet needs more than unconditional love to help them become balanced?

I believe if we all took a moment(or maybe even a class) to understand what our pets think and how they learn we would have a better understanding of how to help them through their troubled times and the entire family would be much more balanced and relaxed because of it!

We all want a happy, balanced and fulfilled dog and this is what I am here to help you achieve; balance, peace, communication and love, the exact purpose you sought out your four legged furry pup, the exact reason that man and dog became best friends in the first place. Lets get back to basics and understand our dogs better!

I offer basic obedience, advanced obedience, therapy dog training, trick training, and more! 

Please contact me here! Let me know a little about you and your pooch! I'll reach out to you with in 24 hours and we can set up a time to discuss your goals! I look forward to helping your furry friend become more balanced, behaved and happy! 

NOTE: I will not begin any training classes until mid 2020! Please check back with me then!

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